..............Bionanotechnology and subcellular imaging


Atomic force microscope (AFM) is the most versatile member of scanning probe microscopes family. In present it’s one of a powerful tools to investigate and imaging biological structures in real time, under natural conditions with molecular, or submolecular resolution. The most seriously problem to imaging biological structures is a sample preparation. We investigate the morphology of different virus like particles and it's relation with biochemical procedures and methodology of investigation. We imagined virus-like particles (VLP) and self-assembling proteins VP1 pentamers, which forms VLP. Also it was revealed, that virus-like particles collapsed during the drying on the surface.


B- Computer simulation of VP1 morphology built from pentamers. The virus capsid size - 50nm

... ((A) - AFM phase image of HVP1 capsid ..............(B) - TEM image of HVP1 capsid