Precision Instrumentation and Microsystems

Microsystems technology R&D activities at RC "Vibrotechnika" started in early eighties. The main approach to the microsystems technology was design and development of precise and ultraprecise elektromechanical systems for sensors, actuators, manipulators. A various prototypes were developed using piezo and ultrasonic technology for the actuation and sensing. Multidimensional manipulators, positioning tables, drives for flexible tapes, micropumps, near-field acoustic levitation devices were developed. The latest research covered surface acoustic wave sensors, micromachined silicon pressure sensors and optical beam scanners. The recent research activity in MST is concentrated on:

  1. Piezo and ultrasonic actuators for nanopositioning
  2. Actuators for Scanning Probe Microscopy
  3. Microsensors based on micromechanical cantilevers
  4. Micro/nano tribology
  5. Application of Atomic Force Microscopy for the investigation and structures formation on the surface


Prototypes of the devices developed in our laboratory:

X-Y vibration isolated air bearings positioning stage for X-ray litography

X-Y (100x100 mm) nanoresolution positioning stage with ultrasonic motors

Three dimensional plane angle adjustment table based on piezoactuators

Ultrasonic rotational drives

Nanoresolution linear stepper ultrasonic motor

Nanoresolution (20nm) long stroke (up to 200mm) displacement sensor

Near-field ultrasonic levitation devicies for 3-D positioning and ultrasonic bearing

Plane adjustment stage with ultrasonic motors

X-Y nanoresolution positioning stage with ultrasonic stepper motors

Laser cavity adjustment system with piezoactuators

Electrostaticaly driven silicon etched scanner

Micromachined silicon controled shape adaptive mirror